Posted by Administrator on Sun, Feb 16 2020 22:36:00

Zuluru is now available in other languages!

This version will start rolling out to sites over the next few weeks, priority being placed on our member organizations in regions with large French populations.

Want to help improve the translations? Join the translation team!

Version 3.0 released

Posted by Administrator on Sun, Sep 02 2018 01:19:00

After several years in development and a six month beta release, we are thrilled to finally announce the public release of Zuluru 3.0!

Zuluru 3.0 is a substantially new implementation of artisanal, curated, whole-grain code, with a refreshed, zero calorie user interface, organic-adjacent icons, and an enhanced bespoke database schema, but retaining all the award-eligible free-range algorithms that have helped to make it so popular. Zuluru has always been hormone-free, and contains no GMOs or high-fructose corn syrup.

Get it here: https://github.com/Zuluru/Zuluru3

Zuluru 3 beta

Posted by Administrator on Fri, Mar 02 2018 21:35:00

We are excited to announce the beta release of Zuluru 3 on the Hamilton Ultimate Club (HUC) web site. HUC has been using Zuluru since 2014, and has volunteered to be the first organization to use the new version, an almost complete rewrite. Their summer registration opened today, and they wanted to make immediate use of Zuluru 3’s new gender equity options, development of which was largely driven by HUC’s Equity and Inclusivity committee. These options bring greater gender equity to Zuluru, providing individuals with options that empower their choices while protecting their privacy.

Following the HUC launch, Zuluru 3 will be rolled out to other organizations on a schedule based on their particular timing requests, about one a week to start with.

Thanks to HUC for being our “guinea pig”, and kudos for being a leader in the gender equity movement!

Version 1.8.0

Posted by Administrator on Fri, Feb 13 2015 00:04:00

We are very pleased to announce the release of version 1.8.0! This is the first version number increment since last April, but don't let that fool you into thinking nothing has been going on. There have been a ton of changes, with over 400 commits to source control, just nothing that felt substantial enough to warrant a new version number. However, support for youth sports and multi-sport sites are now both stable (though surely there will be additional future improvements in both areas), and this is a big enough change to mark a new milestone.

Thank you to Connect Think and First Baptist Athletics of Indianapolis for funding this development and allowing the results to be included in the public release of Zuluru!

Youth sports in Indianapolis

Posted by Administrator on Mon, Feb 02 2015 21:43:00

We are pleased to announce that support for youth sports in Zuluru has been greatly improved, with the addition of features like parental accounts, as a result of a partnership with Connect Think and First Baptist Athletics of Indianapolis. FBA contracted Connect Think to improve their web site; Connect Think proposed Zuluru to them, and then subcontracted us to enhance functionality as required to fully support their needs.

The project was completed on time and on budget, at a reduced development rate offered in exchange for allowing the code to be included in the public release of Zuluru. Everyone wins!


Where all accounts were previously considered to be players (and hence asked for details like height and skill level), Zuluru now provides the option of parental accounts (with reduced data requirements) with one or more children (no contact information collected for the children), and the ability for the parent to "act as" the child in order to perform registration and online payment, checking schedules, updating attendance and the like.

Administrative reports include information on the child as well as all contacts to ensure that communications channels are open for organizers.

This project has also made strides in support for multiple sports within a single site, functionality that will be further improved in the next short while, culminating in a new 1.8.0 release later in February.

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