Zuluru is now available in other languages!

We know the translations aren’t great. To help fix that, join the translation team. It takes just two minutes to get started.

Create an account.

Fill in the fields on the Welcome on board! page. The Department and Job name fields are mandatory, but you can choose what you want.

On the What you want to do? page, choose Join an existing project.

On the Which languages do you speak? page, choose the languages you know well enough to contribute translations for.

On the next page, click Find a project to translate.

On the Discover public projects page, type Zuluru3 in the search bar. Click on Zuluru3 when the search is complete.

On the Zuluru3 page, click Join Team. On the Join Zuluru team to translate: Zuluru3 dialog box, choose your language and click Join.

Authorization may be required. You should receive an email indicating that you are part of the team soon.