Revision History

The following is a history of the major features of Zuluru, by revision number, current as of March 31, 2015. This does not include hundreds of minor improvements and bug fixes; see the source control history for complete details.

Note that version numbers prior to 1.2.3 are somewhat ad-hoc, having mostly been added retroactively, and the exact cut-off date for what features and fixes are included in other revision-level updates can also be blurry.

If you have any questions about the specifics of any of these features, or whether they would help solve a problem that your organization is experiencing, please contact

Milestone releases: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.7.5, 1.8, 3.0

Version 1.0.0 (Jan 6, 2011)

  • Initial release: all primary features required for running a multi-league sports organization
    • user profile management
    • registration and online payments
    • team roster management
    • fields
    • scheduling
    • scoring
    • standings
    • and more...

Version 1.0.1 (Feb 10, 2011)

  • Visual improvements
  • Added user photo upload

Version 1.0.2 (Feb 16, 2011)

  • Scheduling improvements
  • Photo upload improvements

Version 1.0.3 (Mar 3, 2011)

  • Registration questionnaire improvements

Version 1.0.4 (Mar 3, 2011)

  • Added registration wizard

Version 1.0.5 (Mar 4, 2011)

  • Registration questionnaire improvements

Version 1.0.6 (Mar 18, 2011)

  • Ensure team names are unique within their league
  • Registration improvements
  • Team records are created when the registration is paid for, and removed when refunded

Version 1.0.7 (Mar 18, 2011)

  • Roster management improvements
  • Removed admin override of adding players to their own teams

Version 1.0.8 (Mar 18, 2011)

  • Allow for the same person to do both score entries for a game, if they are captain of both teams

Version 1.0.9 (Mar 21, 2011)

  • Added team pop-ups

Version 1.0.10 (Mar 21, 2011)

  • Added player pop-ups

Version 1.0.11 (Mar 21, 2011)

  • Added help subsystem, initial help content

Version 1.0.12 (Mar 22, 2011)

  • Player search improvements

Version 1.0.13 (Mar 31, 2011)

  • Make the two 'Register a team' wizard links more distinctive

Version 1.0.14 (Mar 31, 2011)

  • Added preliminary 'registrations report'

Version 1.0.15 (Mar 31, 2011)

  • Internal output improvements

Version 1.0.16 (Mar 31, 2011)

  • Split player 'status' into 'position' and 'status', separating out invites/requests

Version 1.0.17 (Mar 31, 2011)

  • Added an option for admins and coordinators to add players that registered for some event

Version 1.0.18 (Mar 31, 2011)

  • Separate eligible players from non-eligible on the team roster

Version 1.0.19 (Apr 1, 2011)

  • Player pop-up improvements

Version 1.0.20 (Apr 3, 2011)

  • Added the team pop-up to team lists

Version 1.0.21 (Apr 5, 2011)

  • Various pop-up improvements

Version 1.0.22 (Apr 5, 2011)

  • Improved cron handling

Version 1.0.23 (Apr 6, 2011)

  • Installation fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.24 (Apr 13, 2011)

  • Login and user management improvements

Version 1.0.25 (Apr 26, 2011)

  • Added double-header checkbox that eases conditions during scheduling
  • Allow bulk add of non-members to team rosters
  • Send roster invite/request reminders
  • Added a handy link to skip to future games on schedules

Version 1.0.26 (May 4, 2011)

  • Added attendance tracking
  • Added 'league summary report' to help with ensuring consistent settings
  • Help system improvements

Version 1.0.27 (May 7, 2011)

  • Further improvements and content additions to the help system
  • Improvements to field distribution report

Version 1.0.28 (May 23, 2011)

  • Help additions and updates
  • Improve formatting of HTML emails
  • Form improvements

Version 1.0.29 (Jun 17, 2011)

  • Added captains' emails to game edit page
  • Show roster conflicts and flag non-members on team rosters
  • Allow score submission before game end time

Version 1.0.30 (Jul 18, 2011)

  • Added field information to attendance emails
  • Score reminders now come from league coordinators

Version 1.0.31 (Sep 6, 2011)

  • Combine roster invite and add functionality; automatically do whatever is appropriate to the situation
  • Send email to both player and captain when an admin or coordinator declines a roster invite
  • Added spirit_max setting for when there's no questionnaire

Version 1.1.0 (Sep 6, 2011)

  • Initial 'franchises' implementation

Version 1.1.1 (Sep 7, 2011)

  • Help system improvements

Version 1.1.2 (Sep 14, 2011)

  • Categorized 'flash' messages for better visual feedback
  • Changes to handle seasons of play, including indoor vs outdoor fields
  • Include any reasons why a roster invite can't be accepted in the invite email

Version 1.1.3 (Sep 21, 2011)

  • Changes to how the schedule requirements are handled
  • Groundwork for playoff scheduling

Version 1.1.4 (Nov 2, 2011)

  • Attendance tracking enhancements: improved graphics and added comments and notes
  • Flag potential duplicates in new player list
  • Added system notice functionality

Version 1.1.5 (Dec 19, 2011)

  • Added new 'league_team_count' rule
  • Don't create game slots or attendance records on configurable holidays
  • Added PayPal support

Version 1.2.0 (Dec 19, 2011)

  • Added playoff scheduling

Version 1.2.1 (Dec 19, 2011)

  • Online payment improvements

Version 1.2.2 (Dec 20, 2011)

  • System notification improvements and default data
  • Added TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor option for appropriate fields (descriptions, etc.)
  • Added method for customizing feature and option configuration without altering Zuluru distribution files
  • Incorporate region preferences and home field handling into scheduling algorithm

Version 1.2.3 (Dec 20, 2011)

  • Centralize version numbers, and use to prompt about updates

Version 1.2.4 (Jan 2, 2012)

  • Added preliminary participation and retention reports, for tracking long-term trends

Version 1.2.5 (Jan 5, 2012)

  • Enhance upgrade process to handle more complex database migrations
  • Playoff scheduling improvements

Version 1.3.0 (Jan 7, 2012)

  • Split leagues into leagues and divisions

Version 1.3.1 (Jan 10, 2012)

  • Replaced 'parent field/child field' structure with proper hierarchical 'facility/field'

Version 1.3.2 (Jan 10, 2012)

  • Added non-game team events, with attendance tracking

Version 1.3.3 (Jan 11, 2012)

  • Added preregistration functionality

Version 1.3.4 (Jan 12, 2012)

  • Installation and update improvements
  • Improved links between registration and divisions

Version 1.3.5 (Jan 17, 2012)

  • Added a win/loss/tie indication in the message after initial score submission
  • Additional improvements to form handler
  • Documentation improvements

Version 1.3.6 (Jan 23, 2012)

  • Added option to ask about attendance tracking during team registration
  • Split ratings calculations from the scheduling algorithm

Version 1.3.7 (Jan 24, 2012)

  • Added ability to define event chains

Version 1.3.8 (Feb 7, 2012)

  • New option for bulk addition of teams to a division, with automatic attendance settings and shirt colours
  • Changed pop-ups to load-on-demand, added alternate pop-up mechanism for mobile browsers
  • Added field pop-ups
  • Improved email formatting, including Emogrifier option

Version 1.3.9 (Feb 8, 2012)

  • Handle leagues with no spirit questionnaire or numeric entry
  • Added player annotations

Version 1.3.10 (Feb 22, 2012)

  • Added team annotations
  • Only show historical links to people logged in, to cut down on spider traffic
  • Updated to Google Maps API v3
  • Further genericize bridge to third-party authentication, add Joomla support

Version 1.3.11 (Feb 23, 2012)

  • Added parking marker admin
  • Added map of all fields

Version 1.4.0 (Feb 23, 2012)

  • Initial round of changes for multi-sport handling

Version 1.4.1 (Mar 2, 2012)

  • Added game annotations

Version 1.4.2 (Mar 7, 2012)

  • Major help improvements, including addition of user guides
  • Allow multiple franchise owners

Version 1.4.3 (Mar 28, 2012)

  • Added helpful links to various emails
  • Improved game slot selection for tournaments, particularly playoffs

Version 1.4.4 (Jun 12, 2012)

  • Allow people to see attendance of their past teams
  • iCal compatibility improvements
  • Allow game end times to pass midnight
  • Various playoff improvements
  • Added document upload feature

Version 1.4.5 (Jun 13, 2012)

  • Make the word 'field' configurable, to better support other sports
  • Added 'surface' to fields

Version 1.4.6 (Jun 25, 2012)

  • Document upload improvements
  • Added new ratings calculators

Version 1.4.7 (Jul 3, 2012)

  • Allow for deletion of finalized games, in extreme circumstances
  • Change score entry to allow for cancelled games

Version 1.4.8 (Jul 17, 2012)

  • Allow captains to see other captains' phone numbers as well as email addresses
  • Added mailing list and newsletter functionality

Version 1.4.9 (Jul 25, 2012)

  • Added new feature to entirely disable spirit handling
  • Added entrance handling to maps

Version 1.4.10 (Aug 8, 2012)

  • Layout editor and viewer will now handle fields with no dimensions (e.g. for non-Ultimate indoor sports)

Version 1.4.11 (Aug 12, 2012)

  • Reworked waiver methodology; use rules engine instead of hard-coded in registration system

Version 1.4.12 (Oct 3, 2012)

  • Added options for account approvals, profile fields, skill survey, photo upload and approvals, home fields, shirt colours, attendance tracking, roster flagging, support email address, rebranding
  • Allow photo uploads from the profile edit page
  • Automatically log new accounts in
  • Improve experience for brand new users
  • Added 'register now' option
  • Added region editing

Version 1.5.0 (Oct 5, 2012)

  • Added Affiliate functionality

Version 1.5.1 (Oct 11, 2012)

  • Affiliate improvements
  • Change jQuery to 'no conflict' mode to prevent problems when embedded into a CMS using another JavaScript library
  • Added league participation report
  • Handle leagues that operate on multiple nights

Version 1.5.2 (Oct 25, 2012)

  • Added 'kick start' tools for admins and managers on the splash page
  • Added method of selecting a specific affiliate to view
  • Allow per-affiliate settings

Version 1.5.3 (Dec 7, 2012)

  • Added rule-based player search for managers and admins
  • Send opposing captains an email when a score submission is received
  • Added waiting list functionality
  • Added check for game slot conflicts

Version 1.5.4 (Feb 8, 2013)

  • Use HTML5 input types to set default keyboard on iPhone, etc.
  • Update to latest version of jQuery Tools
  • Made tooltip location dynamic, to improve the chances that it will display on the screen

Version 1.6.0 (Feb 8, 2013)

  • Added stat tracking

Version 1.6.1 (Feb 13, 2013)

  • Added shirt numbers

Version 1.6.2 (Feb 13, 2013)

  • Added Ajax roster position changing

Version 1.6.3 (Mar 18, 2013)

  • Added mailing list previews
  • Renamed roster position (captain, etc.) to role, and added new position field (pitcher, goalie, etc.)
  • Added full support for baseball, basketball, dodgeball, hockey, rugby and soccer, and partial support for cricket, football and volleyball (stat tracking not yet complete)

Version 1.6.4 (Apr 4, 2013)

  • Simplified various displays and menus in the case where a league has only a single division
  • League and division pop-ups added
  • Hide advanced league and division options by default on the edit page

Version 1.6.5 (Apr 10, 2013)

  • Simplify wording of rules engine output to improve understanding when people can't register or be added to teams
  • Allow all-star nominations to be from either the opposing team or the submitting team, per a new division setting

Version 1.6.6 (May 28, 2013)

  • Improved playoff scheduling, including new options for 3 and 7 teams and more flexible slot assignment
  • Add spirit highlights question
  • Add waiver history to player profile
  • Add per-league tie-breaker options
  • Attendance tracking option is now checked by default for team registration
  • Handle multiple rounds in round-robin divisions where teams might move between divisions after each round-robin completes
  • Improved formatting for long pop-ups

Version 1.6.7 (July 1, 2013)

  • Badging system

Version 1.6.8 (July 1, 2013)

  • Basic task management (e.g. scheduling volunteers, umpires, referees)

Version 1.6.9 (July 3, 2013)

  • Live game scoring with stat tracking

Version 1.6.10 (July 8, 2013)

  • Multi-round tournament scheduling

Version 1.6.11 (July 21, 2013)

  • Twitter integration on live game scoring page

Version 1.6.12 (August 20, 2013)

  • Performance improvements by caching standings, schedule and stat details
  • Option to make site public (e.g. for tournaments), so that rosters and stats are available to people who aren't logged in

Version 1.6.13 (September 10, 2013)

  • Added basic contact management and messaging

Version 1.6.14 (October 8, 2013)

  • Changed caching of division, team and player information to use CakePHP's standard methods, replacing a blend of ad-hoc files and session information

Version 1.6.15 (November 18, 2013)

  • Updated to latest version of jQuery library and eliminated jQuery Tools library

Version 1.7.0 (December 9, 2013)

  • Introduced linking relative's accounts together

Version 1.7.1 (December 10, 2013)

  • Added selectors to the top of a number of pages, allowing the user to limit the information they are shown

Version 1.7.2 (December 29, 2013)

  • Add 'competition' schedule type, allowing multiple teams to compete in a single game slot, thus supporting sports like golf, track and field, etc.

Version 1.7.3 (January 12, 2014)

  • Split user information from player information, allowing for better integration with third-party databases (Joomla, Drupal, etc.) and paving the way for additional enhancements to the "relatives" functionality.

Version 1.7.4 (February 9, 2014)

  • Adding a new league or facility will include the fields to enter the first division or field in it (simplifies setup, as there will often only be one).
  • Editing a league or facility with only a single division or field will edit that data as well.
  • Added league standings and schedule pages, consolidating standings and schedules from all divisions in the league.
  • League schedule page includes option to edit games across all divisions on a particular date, including cross-over games.
  • Coordinators of multiple divisions in a league have more logical permissions, including scheduling cross-over games between their divisions, and editing the league data if they coordinate all divisions in it.
  • Divisions and leagues now open immediately on creation/edit if required, rather than waiting until the next cron run.

Version 1.7.5 (April 22, 2014)

  • Major registration changes:
    • Streamlined checkout page.
    • Added new payment statuses (deposit, partial, reserved).
    • Added ability to issue full and partial refunds and credits, transfer payments from one registration to another, and use credits to pay for other registrations.
    • Added multiple price points for events, each with their own rules, open and close dates.
    • Registrants can now edit their questionnaire answers and payment choices (if applicable) before payment is made.
    • Added option to allow unpaid registrations to be reserved for a per-event configurable time.
    • Added features to automate management of waiting lists.
  • Playoff schedule editing now allows you to set game names and adjust matchups if required.
  • Added bulk user import function.
  • Custom headers on some emails should improve delivery rates.
  • The team_count rule can now handle date ranges like membership_type, and include_subs like league_team_count.
  • Added a default privacy policy and default membership letter.
  • Fixed location of map marker graphics.
  • Added VCF option for importing contact information into compatible apps.
  • Added preview of spirit questionnaires, legend of spirit symbols, and a new questionnaire.

Version 1.8.0 (February 12, 2015)

  • Youth sports
    • New parental accounts without skill level, height, etc., and child accounts without contact info
    • Simplify splash page in case of parents with no useful data of their own
    • 'Act As' functionality (also highly useful for admins)
    • Allow relatives to change attendance
    • Accept one of either coach or captain on a team, and other changes to put coaches on equal footing with captains
    • Add menu links for managing relative profiles
    • Better delineation between various account types, don't assume everyone is a player
    • Support child records in import
    • Include parental contact information in all relevant downloads
  • Multi-sports
    • Handle gender ratios and stat types on a per-sport basis
    • Make skill level and year started sport-specific
    • Better multi-sport support for live scoring and stat sheets
    • Handle multiple sports with selectors on various pages
    • Multi-sport support for fields (e.g. limiting field and division options on Bulk Game Slots page)
  • Scheduling
    • Improvements to handling of multi-day divisions
    • Option for teams to set facility preferences
    • Handle different "first day of the week" than Sunday
    • New 10 team playoff bracket
    • Add division availability to field bookings report, and improve selection of bookings to show
    • Option to create game slots at multiple times in a single pass (thanks to Dean Young for the core of this code)
  • Teams
    • Allow admins to remove the last player from a team
    • Dropdown arrow to better indicate how to change roles and positions
    • Handle situation where there are no roster requirements
    • Give admins access to add team events
    • Option to create a series of repeating team events
  • Registration
    • Don't consider "waiting list" registrations to be unpaid for reporting purposes
    • Handle enforced zero deposit, for 'register but don't pay' events (e.g. lottery, only offline payment, etc.)
    • Skip first wizard page if there is only one category to register for
    • Periodic confirmation of profile data before registration
    • Event clone operation
  • General UI
    • Language selection based on browser setting, system and personal preferences, and other internationalization (i18n) improvements
    • New announcement and footer options in the layout
    • Theming-friendly option for common newsletter headers and footers
    • Notices to admins to answer several commonly-asked questions
    • Improve messages on bad rule syntax
  • Miscellaneous
    • Option to download player search results
    • Remove default from birthdate field
    • Permission groups are now orthogonal instead of increasing; you can be a volunteer without being a player, for example. Enable and disable these through Configuration -> Permissions. Add menu items for listing membership in each group, with download options.
    • Handle alternate email addresses
    • Optional anti-spam measures on account creation
    • Add 'never expires' waiver option
    • Include waiver signing on kickstart page, in certain situations
    • Improve stat calculation times by pre-processing

Version 1.8.1 (never officially tagged, features were released incrementally)

  • Enable option for database storage of sessions
  • Many internationalization (i18n) improvements
  • Updated WFDF spirit survey
  • Option to require shirt size as part of registration
  • Carbon flip support
  • Team roster download with contact information, for admins, coordinators and captains
  • Expanded options for team and person notes

Version 3.0.0 (August 31, 2018)

  • Rewrite built on CakePHP 3.3 (the 1.x series was based on CakePHP 1.3)
  • Improved mobile support
  • Enhanced some administrative tools, e.g. editing all price points for an event, all divisions in a league, and all fields at a facility, on a single page.
  • Better client-side photo upload process, now including rotation