Zuluru 3 beta

Posted by Administrator on Fri, Mar 02 2018 12:35:00

We are excited to announce the beta release of Zuluru 3 on the Hamilton Ultimate Club (HUC) web site. HUC has been using Zuluru since 2014, and has volunteered to be the first organization to use the new version, an almost complete rewrite. Their summer registration opened today, and they wanted to make immediate use of Zuluru 3’s new gender equity options, development of which was largely driven by HUC’s Equity and Inclusivity committee. These options bring greater gender equity to Zuluru, providing individuals with options that empower their choices while protecting their privacy.

Following the HUC launch, Zuluru 3 will be rolled out to other organizations on a schedule based on their particular timing requests, about one a week to start with.

Thanks to HUC for being our “guinea pig”, and kudos for being a leader in the gender equity movement!