Live Demo

To allow you to fully experience Zuluru from all angles, we offer a fully functional live demo. You can login there as "admin", "manager", "coordinator", "captain" or "player" to see different views (passwords are the same as the user name), or you can create a new account.

We've tried to leave data in incomplete states wherever possible and appropriate. For example, there are unapproved accounts for "admin" to approve, mismatched scores for "coordinator" to resolve, and games with only one score submitted for "captain" to complete. The database for this is refreshed regularly to restore these situations, so feel free to mess around with whatever you want, but don't be surprised if your changes disappear.

Note that emails from the demo system are in "test" mode, so you will see the content of any email that might be sent on the subsequent page, rather than the email actually being sent.

If you are looking at using Zuluru in conjunction with a content management system, we now also offer the same demo integrated with Joomla and Drupal, two of the most popular options out there. Zuluru can also work with WordPress, and a demo can be posted if there is sufficient demand.