Zuluru 1.0 was an almost complete rewrite of Leaguerunner, using the modern development techniques of the CakePHP Framework. The initial focus of this development was on replicating the feature set of Leaguerunner while revamping the look, streamlining input (particularly in score submission and roster management), providing "two click" access to all important day-to-day data, creating powerful administrative tools for batch processing, and dividing related functionality into modules. By using Leaguerunner as the database and functional template, Zuluru leveraged several years of operational experience in TUC and OCUA, two of the largest Ultimate clubs in the world, to hit the ground running.

Since then, many major new features such as attendance tracking, playoff scheduling, affiliate management, newsletters and online help have been added; existing features like roster management, online registration and payment, and integration with Google Maps and iCal have been improved; leagues and divisions have been restructured, as have facilities and fields, to improve visual cohesiveness; and more improvements both big and small are always on the way. Even the partial revision history is pretty extensive!

As of September 2018, Zuluru 3.0 has been released. Zuluru 3 is an almost complete rewrite, bringing Zuluru up to date with the CakePHP 3 structure. (CakePHP 2 did not add features that were considered critical for Zuluru, so there never was a Zuluru 2 based on it.) Zuluru 3 is more mobile-friendly, improves a number of administrative interfaces, and introduces new gender equity options, among many other smaller changes.

One user wrote:

I think all of the Zuluru modifications have been pretty kick-ass. It is WAY more slick and user-friendly than Leaguerunner was. Certainly makes everyone's lives much easier and the upgrades are definitely appreciated.