Zuluru in Ottawa

Posted by Administrator on Fri, Jan 10 2014 01:47:00

We are pleased to announce today that the Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA) will be moving their league management from Leaguerunner to Zuluru.

Dave O'Neill, the primary author of Leaguerunner and a stalwart OCUA volunteer for many years, has reached a point where he no longer feels able to provide the level of effort that continuing the Leaguerunner project would demand, so OCUA looked for other options. Zuluru was a natural fit, as it grew out of Leaguerunner and will present a familiar interface to players and admins alike.

We're sure that OCUA members will enjoy Zuluru features like attendance tracking, playoff scheduling, streamlined roster management and online payment, and trust that the admins will also appreciate the additions and enhancements that have been made on their side. This is also an exciting announcement for other Zuluru users, as this partnership will surely drive additional new features, usability enhancements, etc. to the general benefit of all users.

Version 1.7

Posted by Administrator on Mon, Dec 09 2013 23:12:00

Version 1.7 has been released! This major update brings the concept of linked accounts, whereby parents or spouses can see a consolidated schedule for all accounts, manage attendance, etc. Future enhancements in this line will allow the "control" account to also perform registration on behalf of any of the linked accounts, streamlining the signup process.

Zuluru selected for WFDF 2013 World Under-23 Ultimate Championships

Posted by Administrator on Thu, May 30 2013 02:09:00

We are very pleased to announce that Zuluru has been selected as the online scheduling, scoring and roster management solution for the WFDF 2013 World Under-23 Ultimate Championships, happening in Toronto, July 21-28, 2013. The U23 site is already hosted by, and this agreement is a natural extension of that.

Zuluru is already in use by half a dozen Ultimate organizations across Canada, who will all benefit from the new features being developed to support this international event. We look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world, whether in person or online, and will do all we can to provide timely and accurate information for players and their fans.

Zuluru in Newfoundland

Posted by Administrator on Wed, Apr 24 2013 00:35:00

Mile Zero Ultimate is the latest organization to move to Zuluru. I guess now we'll really find out how well the time zone code works!

Simpler league and division management

Posted by Administrator on Thu, Apr 04 2013 23:46:00

Version 1.6.4 is out! This release is aimed at simplifying various displays and menus in the common case where a league has only a single division. There's also some related goodies like league and division pop-ups, and hiding of advanced league and division options by default on the edit page.

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