Zuluru in Peterborough

Posted by Administrator on Thu, Apr 09 2015 14:08:00

We are pleased to announce today that the Peterborough Ultimate League has joined the Zuluru family. PUL used Zuluru’s ladder scheduling system behind the scenes last summer, and rolled the full system out on a trial basis this spring. Feedback from admins and players alike has been positive, so the decision has been made to adopt it officially.

It seems that each organization has something that they do a little differently from others, and in PUL's case this is the Carbon Flip, an environmentally-friendly method they have pioneered for replacing the traditional disc flip at the beginning of the game with a measure based on the number of cars each team brings to the game. This option has now been incorporated into Zuluru, enabled through a configuration setting. If Zuluru looks "almost right" for your organization, contact greg@zuluru.net and we'll see what we can do to support your "quirks"!

This announcement means that Zuluru is now handling all things ultimate for the “Big Six” of Ontario leagues, and pushes our active user base well over 10,000 people. Welcome PULers!

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