No score submission email reminder

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No score submission email reminder

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We've been partially using Zuluru in the Peterborough Ultimate League for a while, this year looking to expand it to almost full use. One minor issue is it doesn't seem to send score submission reminders to the captains. I have the scoring reminder delay set to 1 hr. Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing? Does anything else need to be done to enable this?

I should state that my assumption is that it will automatically email all the captains in the division, based on them being assigned as captain to the team, and using the email address they supplied when they registered on the site. If any of those assumptions are wrong please let me know. Thanks.
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Re: No score submission email reminder

Post by GregS »

These emails, as well as a number of other housekeeping tasks, are taken care of by a cron task that you must schedule. Some help on how to do this is in the readme file, but specifics are host-dependent. Note that emails will go out at the time of the first cron run after the scheduled time, so if the game is from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and you set the reminder for an hour, it happens at the next cron run after 9:30pm, even if that's 4pm the next day.
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