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Location Management

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I'm the online admin for 3 junior competitive teams and I just spent 4 hours entering events in Zuluru. 126 events in total (Practices, meetings, tournaments). Event management is critical to competitive teams so it is highly appreciated. But the feature in Zuluru needs some improvements. I'll break it up into specific requests so that they can be handled separately.

Location Management:
Currently you have to manually enter the location information for every event. Location name, address. That's very error prone and it doesn't make it easy to edit the address or link to a location if it was duplicated 100 times. Some locations are consistent between teams (like practice fields) but others are adhoc. For example, we got a meeting room at a local community center. The list of all locations added by every team could get quite long, so it might be best to keep the lists private to a team. Of course that makes my life harder since I manage 3 teams...but that's probably a limitation that I can live with.

Here are rough requirements:
- Individual teams must be able to add/edit/manage locations for themselves (not limited to admin privileges)
- Locations must include the following: Short name, Address, Link (i.e. not a google maps link, but an "about" link that helps find the location)
- Locations must be selectable using a short name on the event add/edit screens
- Changes to a location must get reflected anywhere the location was used
- Deleting a location is only a virtual command: events that are using that location will still have a link to the deleted location
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