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Registration Payment

Post by dyoung »

Processing through payments is something every admin will have to do. The unpaid page is easy to get to and useful.
It would be nice to be able to change the payment status from the Unpaid Registrations page. A nice feature would be a popup that would allow you to change the payment status and add a note.
I am thinking of processing check payments from users. Again this is would help my situation, but may be useful to others. The same popup function could be used to change a "paid" status to "refund" on your report page.

On the topic of payment, have you thought about if someone sends a partial payment? Is this where you envisioned the "pending" status being used? If it is, the popup to change the status would help this scenario also.
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Re: Registration Payment

Post by GregS »

There's a bunch of enhancements to the registration system planned, and both of these situations are on the todo list. Target for this is early March, to be ready for Spring registration season.
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