Event Type?

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Event Type?

Post by bullmoose20 »

Hi Greg,

Something came to the top of my mind when I was looking into Zuluru…. It’s the concept of “Practices”. Does Zuluru have the concept of “event_type” where an event can be a game, practice, other?

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Re: Event Type?

Post by GregS »

Zuluru currently supports games and "team events". Team events are whatever the captain/coach might decide to set up, and are typically used for practices, team BBQs, etc. There is attendance tracking done for them (assuming attendance tracking is enabled), but the name, description, location, etc. can be whatever. It is possible to create a series of events, e.g. for weekly practices. There are some plans to enhance this functionality in the future, for example tying it into the field system, adding admin- and user-defined locations for faster entry, etc.
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