Copying Events

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Copying Events

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I'm the online admin for 3 junior competitive teams and I just spent 4 hours entering events in Zuluru. 126 events in total (Practices, meetings, tournaments). Event management is critical to competitive teams so it is highly appreciated. But the feature in Zuluru needs some improvements. I'll break it up into specific requests so that they can be handled separately.

Copying Events:
It would be amazing to be able to copy events. It would have saved me a lot of time in entering 126 events. The flow would be something like this:
- Click copy event -> opens a "New Event" screen with all fields pre-filled with the event info
- Edit whatever fields you want
- Save

In this case, the new event is an independent event. It would be cool to somehow remember the relationship between events so that changes to the original are reflected in the copies...but that gets complicated! I would be happy with the clone and twiddle option.
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